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Why use a VPN service?

Why use a VPN service?
You have probably heard of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) before, but you are not using it yourself. What a shame! One day a VPN service will become equally as important as your regular Internet connection. But why?

Applications VPN service
A VPN connection is a way to guarantee your online security, and to reach certain network sources that you basically can not access in terms of location. People who frequently make use of VPN services can be divided into several types:

The student/working person: the secure connection is especially used to be able to meet certain responsibilities. Through the VPN, they access all files, even when they are at home or on the road. This group of people also often consists of a free VPN service that they can use in pubclic WiFis in airports and coffee places.
The download lover: this group of people is very well represented in the Netherlands. Despite whether downloading is legal or illegal, nobody wants to end up on a company’s blacklist because they have a Torrent app on their computer. A VPN service is actually the only option when you want to use programs such as ‘BitTorrent’ or ‘Popcorn Time’. It is better to be wise now, than to have to defend yourself in a court case or something later on.
The security and privacy advocate: these people will want to have their VPN connection enabled at all times, to be sure that their communication goes smoothly, without any leaks. They do this both in a very controlled environment as in an ‘open’ environment, both in and out of the country. And an unsecured connections to them feels like the other can read minds.
The world traveler: this traveler wants to go everywhere, but at the same time they want to have secured contact with friends and family at home. When homesickness emerges, they want to be able to look at a family photo on Facebook, or watch a tv-series when it unexpectedly starts raining. Also, some websites and/or apps are not allowed in certain countries. Oh yeah, just to be sure, read: This experiment demonstrates how dangerous it is to use a public WiFi.
A combination: it could be that you recognize yourself in the types listed above, or a combination thereof. No matter what type you are, a VPN service is very useful and you can better start sooner than later.
Even when you’re not so sure about it all, you can still benefit from a VPN connection. When you travel or work on an unknown network, you will definitely benefit from it. Because otherwise you could, while you login to a café and check your mail or update your timeline, be spied upon without knowing. VPN download
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