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New End Forming/Roll Forming Machine from Manchester Tool & Die

Manchester Tool & Die, Inc.roll forming machine china introduces the new hydraulically operated Model M10-3-R End Forming/Roll Forming Machine, featuring standard MTD components and using the same tooling as the M71-H-3 and 24008 machines. The M10-3-R offers the new HMI (Human Machine Interface) user-friendly, programmable flexible control system and includes diagnostics for machine maintenance. The end forming and roll forming stations are positioned so the operator can load and unload both clamp areas.

A design offering future auto loading and unloading systems allows tube end forms requiring end forming and roll forming processes to be completed without any staging of materials between processes. The M10 can also be designed with a 6-position end form station for tube end forms that require components to be assembled onto the tube before the rolling processes. The machine footprint is 72" wide x 96" deep.

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