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LC to LC OM3 Duplex Multimode Fiber Optic Cables

carries a very wide array of OM3 LC/LC 10GB Fiber Fiber optic patch cord. These powerful Duplex Multimode Aqua Fiber Optic Patch Cables meet all enterprise and consumer needs, in datacenters, network configurations, professional audio and video setups and much more. Our cables support gigabit ethernet, fiber channel and other high speed transfer.

Aqua Blue 50/125 Riser Rated jackets
High Quality Duplex LC Connectors on each end.
10 Gigabit rated- can transmit data up to 300 meters, so you can future proof your network backbone or closet by running these cables
Slim 2mm diameter for dense network switches in data racks
Allows you to scale and add life to your networks.

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