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Katun Corporation Introduces New Waste Toner Containers And Seven Printer Toner Cartridges

Katun® Corporation, one of the world’s leading alternative suppliers to the office equipment industry, is pleased to introduce a waste toner container for use in Sharp MX C250-series MFPs and seven new toner cartridges for use in HP printers.

The Katun Performance™ waste Copier Waste Toner Container enables Sharp dealers to reduce the costs of servicing Sharp MX C250/300P/300W/301W applications, while providing OEM-equivalent performance at significant cost savings.

Katun is also introducing seven monochrome and color toner cartridges for use in HP printers, including LJ Enterprise M712 DN-series, Color LJ Enterprise M651 DN-series, LJ Enterprise Flow M830 Z MFP-series, Color LJ Enterprise M 651 DN-series machines. Each provides consistent image quality with OEM-equivalent yields, and outstanding overall value.

Katun products may be ordered by phone, fax or email, or via the Katun Online Catalog – the one-stop Internet resource that allows registered customers to locate and order thousands of Katun products while viewing real-time information about their orders and accounts. Customers can access the Katun Online Catalog, or find Katun customer service contact information.

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