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JNU Flying Man Su Bingtian Takes Gold With New Record

Su Bingtian, the the flying man of JNU, clocked 9.92 seconds to win his first gold medal and broke the record in the men’s 100-meter final at the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta on Aug. 26.To get more  su bingtian , you can visit shine news official website.

(Su broke the record and won the championship in the men's 100-meter final at the Asian games in Jakarta.)

In his first interview after the race, Su told CCTV: I really appreciate JNU for its support and help. Without the support of my school, the Chinese track and field team and my family, I could not have made such achievements this year. Thank you very much indeed!
Su has been in good form this year. In the 60-meter final at the Birmingham Indoor Championships in March, he broke his Asian record by 6.42 seconds for the third time in a month. Three months later, he clocked 9.91 seconds twice in nine days, tying the Asian record on the outdoor 100-meter track.
He entered JNU's College of Economics in 2009 as an undergraduate in international economics and trade and graduated with a master's degree in 2017. As one of JNU's first postgraduate athletes, he has deep affection for JNU. When he visited CCTV after the 2015 race, he wore a costume with the JNU logo. Later, in an interview with Nanfang Daily newspaper, he said he wanted to stay at the university to serve it.

In April, Su was formally hired as an associate professor by JNU's School of Physical Education. He was also awarded the 22nd China Youth Five Four Medal on May 2.

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